Cracked Doll Makeup Tutorial

Cracked Doll Makeup Tutorial


Long before the American Girl dolls were born, and way before Cabbage Patch Kids were even planted, dolls were cut from a different cloth. Let’s hop in our time machine and head back to the B.P. era, to the days Before Plastic. The good old mid 1800’s, when dollies were made with porcelain and painted by hand. So fragile were the beloved dolls, that one mis-step could smash their perfectly pouty face into smithereens. Even the luckiest little doll was more than likely to suffer a few cracks. So in honor of all the fallen dollies, we bring you this cracked doll face makeup tutorial.



Start with your everyday foundation routine for a flawless, smooth base.

Add foundation to the corners of the lips to blend with the face.

When applying false eyelashes, put a dab of glue on the back of your hand and gently slide the lash strip through the glue.

Place the top lash strip as close to your natural lash line with your eye closed & relaxed. Be patient & let the glue dry with your eye closed.

Open your eyes & pull gently at the corners of you lower lid to unstick any excess glue.


Line lips with red liner to create a small pout & fill in the shape with bright red lipstick.


Apply the bottom lashes onto the cheek using the eye socket as a guide.

Fill in the space between the false lashes & real lower lash line with white using a small brush.

Using black, add a thin line over the new lower lash line that connects with the upper lash line to create big doll eyes.


Draw in cracks with a thin brush & black makeup. Keep the lines random & taper the ends.

Imagine light is coming from one direction & apply white highlight on one side of some of the black lines.


Paint off-centered, rounded white highlights with a crisp edge on the upper& lower lips.

Set the look with translucent powder.