Hunger Games Costumes for Effie and the Capitol Citizens


If you want to wear a costume from The Hunger Games similar to what the wealthy citizens of the Capital wear, you need to look no further than a few wild pop stars for inspiration. Then, see what you can piece together with an assortment of costumes and accessories from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

If you wanted to pick a specific character, it would be Effie Trinket, the chaperone assigned to oversee the tributes from district 12. The key to getting her look is to have a curly powdered wig, tinted in a shade that matches your outfit. The makeup you wear should be ghostly pale;  your eyes, and lips should also match the color of your outfit.

Take a look at how Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have been dressing in the Capital style all along. You can mix and match Rihanna or Nicki Minaj’s and wigs with Lady Gaga’s outfits and get the perfect Hunger Games looks.  You could easily get a few Lady Gaga costumes to pass for a Hunger Games costumes. And check at these wigs that are very similar to Effie’s.

The people in the Capitol have a very unique style with a lot of color. By searching through costumes and wigs, which are readily available, you can create your own Capitol City or Effie Trinket costume.