Costume Wearers Booty from the New Pirates Movie


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has captured the imagination of many, and Johnny Depp has introduced a new generation to the outlandish and swashbuckling ways of Jack Sparrow. But the film series has influenced pop culture in ways that go beyond the screen – one of which the popularity of costumes spawned from the movies.

Pirate costumes have always been in vogue, but the “Pirates” series has taken their popularity to another level. And while the first three installments used a similar cast of characters, the fourth movie, “On Stranger Tides,” features some exciting new characters sure to make their mark on the costume world. Here are a few guesses on what might become the next “Pirates” costume craze:

Angelica: Penelope Cruz plays Sparrow’s duplicitous, yet irresistible, love interest. The portrait of a sexy, yet strong woman, the costume might have a chance to reach the iconic status of Sparrow’s. Angelica costumes are already showing up in retailer’s catalogs and it’s probable that you’ll see plenty of couples swinging their swords while clad as Jack and Angelica.

Blackbeard: The name says it all here, as the character played by Ian McShane sports a thick and tangled beard that will be a splendid centerpiece of any costume.

Mermaids: Expect to see an increase in amphibious women this year, as the presence of mermaids in the version of “Pirates” is sure to add to that costumes’ popular.

Zombies: Zombies and pirates have already staked their claim in hipster culture in the past few years, so you can bet the zombie pirates in the movie won’t be the only ones you see all year.