Halloween Costumes Fails

Halloween Costumes Fails

Matt Shanley

Wholesale Halloween Costumes exists mostly to save its customers from the time and energy it takes to create their own costumes. In spite of the ease with which you can shop for popular looks at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, some people still insist on creating their own outfits.

Sometimes, we wish they hadn’t.

15. Captain Planet; Captain Planet

Captain Planet Costume

Image via DamnCoolPictures.com

Wind! Water! Fire! Earth! Facepaint! Chest Sweat! Ripped Tank Tops! Soccer Shorts!

14. Nemo; Finding Nemo

Nemo Costumes

Image via EndlessPicDump.com

In Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo, the title character is limited because he only has one fin. This reincarnation has three, and one in a very, very unfortunate spot.

13. SpongeBob & Patrick; SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob and Patrick

Image via CostumePrize.com

As if the sea wasn’t scary enough, now we have to worry about these renditions of SpongeBob and Patrick living under it.

12. Zoidberg; Futurama


Image via FunnyJunk.com

Dr. Zoidberg’s Futurama friend Bender once told him that he looked like “whale barf,” to which Zoidberd replied “Then the illusion is complete.” I wonder what this costumer’s friend said he looked like.

11. Sunburn

Sunburn Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

Looking at this sunburn costume pains us almost as much as actual sunburn. The blisters are a nice touch, though, if we’re giving away points for effort and creativity.

10. Iron Man; Avengers

Iron Man

Image via CostumeFail.com

Iron Man? Paper Man? Packaging Tape Man?

9. The Joker; Batman

The Joker

Image via pbh2.com

This poor guy has had so many people laughing at his Joker costume that’s he’s never once gotten to ask anybody why they’re so serious.

8. Buzz Bee; Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios Bee

Image via CostumeFail.com

How do you turn a beloved cartoon cereal mascot into a serial killer? Ask this guy to just tilt his head a little bit more.

7. Homer Simpson; The Simpsons

Homer Simpson Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

D’OH! This costumer tried his best to look like America’s favorite dad, Homer Simpson, but with about a gallon of yellow face paint and a nose that seems to be made of Play-Doh, he looks more like a rejected Muppet.

6. The Incredible Hulk; Avengers

Hulk costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

Apparently, Hulk loves the beach way more than any of us were ever aware, and he has the flip flops to prove it. This costume attempt just goes to show that if you don’t do green paint correctly, you might look like you just got slimed on Nickelodeon.

5. Cookie Monster; Sesame Street

Cookie Monster Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

Between his nylon suit and his Joker lips, this Cookie Monster surely qualifies as a costume fail. If you need more of a reason, take into consideration that he didn’t even use an actual box of cookies. Even his props are a fail.

4. Optimus Prime; Transformers

Optimus Prime Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

When Wholesale Halloween Costumes published a post about costumes you can make with a cardboard box, this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind. You might have a hard time convincing other Autobots to roll out when you have to label yourself to make sure they know who you are.

3. Wonder Woman; Justice League

Wonder Woman Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

In all fairness, this girl looks like she’s just trying to have a good time at a convention. She’s probably the least sweaty person in the expo center thanks to her DIY Wonder Woman costume and she’s rocking some swaggy armbands. Even if you are on your feet for hours at a con, though, you can’t pass for the Amazon Princess in flats and soccer socks.

2. Mustard & Ketchup

Condiments Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

Do your condiments wear bandannas? Do they also come in square containers? Listen, we get the idea behind these homemade ketchup and mustard costumes, but at least make sure your letters are going to fit on the cardboard box you’re making it out of.

1. The Moon

Moon Costume

Image via CostumeFail.com

When we said Goodnight, Moon, it was never with the thought that the moon might murder us in our sleep… Until now.


If you’re looking to avoid your homemade own homemade moon costume disaster this Halloween, don’t panic – Wholesale Halloween Costumes makes for the perfect starting point. Check out our list of Popular Halloween Costumes. We promise; there are options better than “sunburn.”