Comic Con Costumes: From Bad to Worse


For every Comic Con costume that has jaws dropping in amazement, there are plenty that have people cringing. From the misguided to the ill-fitting to the clueless, it can be just as entertaining to watch the duds parade by – as long as you’re not one of them.

What’s important in a Comic Con costume – detail, cultural relevance and sheer ‘wow’ factor – doesn’t come too easily. You don’t need to hand craft your entire ensemble to look great, but you need to keep a few things in mind to stay out of the galleries of the worst costumes at Comic Con.


Know thyself: Don’t give your self-esteem a beating, but consider whether you really want to let it all hang out. There’s plenty of skin shown at Comic Con, but some of it might be better kept under wraps. That said, it can be pretty funny, too, when played with the right attitude, as this Nacho Libre impersonator shows.

Gender bending: This is a bit of a one-way street, since it’s harder for girls to look silly dressed up as guys, and it does depend on the costume. But if we can see your face (and your beard, since this is going out to the guys), reconsider that bikini top. Someone should perhaps have mentioned this to Mr. Slave Leia.

Don’t skimp: You’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of people than the fanboys and girls at Comic Con – this is no place to go half way. Authenticity will get you everywhere here, and even if your heart is in the right place, a shoddy, slapped-together costume will just look silly. Ask Iron Man – or rather, Paper Man.