Classic Clown Makeup Tutorial

Classic Clown Makeup Tutorial

Clown Makeup

Let’s go back in time and imagine the first clown in history. A guy decided to put on some crazy colors, he practiced some tricks and prepared some gags to hopefully entertain people. Last but not least, he made the decision to paint his face. Now, this is all speculation how things went down back then, but it’s safe to say the first clown had the best intentions. He wanted to entertain people of all ages. He wanted their sides to hurt from laughter and he wanted tears streaming down their faces.

Then how did things go so wrong for clowns? Yes, there are people that genuinely enjoy these kooky entertainers. We definitely can’t imagine a circus without them. But for every person entertained by clowns, there are just as many, if not more, who are petrified by them. Maybe still their cheeks are wet with tears and their bodies aching in response to these circus performers. (Although, they’re probably suffering from Coulrophobia and not euphoria…)

No matter what look you’re going for, our Clown Makeup Tutorial is perfect. The classic style captures the jovial spirit of these jokesters. However, with the right poses, the finished makeup look can also send shivers up and down your spine.

You be the judge: is this clown look funny or scary?


Start with a white base over entire face.


With a thin brush, draw the outline of the clown mouth in red. Have the model smile and follow the roundness of the cheek halfway to the ear then back to the corner of the mouth.


Connect the lines of the mouth by drawing a U shape down onto the chin.

Fill in the lips with red.


Paint on big eyebrows starting at the inner corner of the brow. The line should dip down then back up through the middle of the natural brow.

Fill the brow with black add a slight curl at the end.


Fill in the upper eyelids with blue from the lash line to the eyebrow. Round out the shape from the outer corner of the eye to the brow.

With a thin brush line the bottom lip with black.

Add black curved dimple lines to emphasize the grin.


Separate the painted lips with a black line starting at the corner of your mouth towards the ear.

End the line with a curve that follows the red shape. Add shading below the line to add depth.

Add white highlights to the curves of the mouth.


Drop a short, thin, black line from the middle of the lower eyelid onto the cheek connect it to the corners of the eye with a curve and fill with black.

Powder eyebrows with black shadow and line the lower water line with black to finish the look.