Cinderella Makeup & Cosplay Tutorial

Cinderella Makeup & Cosplay Tutorial


Once upon a time, one of the most iconic fairytale princesses was born.  It’s the classic rags to riches story we all enjoy no matter how old we get.  Cinderella may have lost her glass slipper, but she stole all of our hearts!

In 2015, we got the latest addition to this princess’ story.  Disney premiered their latest live-action adaptation of their classic stories and characters, and Cinderella was a box office smash hit!

So much so that Alexa Poletti decided to become Ella in her latest video.  Although she doesn’t have a fairy godmother (that we know of) Alexa was able to transform into a version of this Disney princess that combined the classic silhouette and modern take on the look.  See for yourself here:

Aside from the glitter fiasco (we feel your pain, Alexa!), this transformation was magical!  With a little TLC, and some sewing skills, you can modify a costume to become just what you need.

What did you think of Alexa’s finished look?

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