Child's Play Chucky Makeup Tutorial

If there was ever a doll that could insight nightmares, it would be Chucky. But can he really be characterized as a doll? Aesthetically, he looks like a “Good Guy” doll and he’s made out of sort of doll materials (for a while, anyway). He thinks like a human, acts like a human and bleeds like a human too. He really put his doll body through the ringer over the course of 6 movies.

Charles Lee Ray was the notorious serial killer also known as The Lakeshore Strangler before he performed a voodoo ritual that transferred his soul into the body of a “Good Guy” doll. His killing spree didn’t end after the transfer. Instead, he killed everyone that got in his way throughout each of the films. And much like a cat, this doll with a soul can’t seem to be killed. Which isn’t a spoiler because there is about to be a seventh movie in the franchise.

It isn’t until the later films that we got the scarred and stitched Chucky we’ve grown to know and fear. But we still think his everyday child’s doll look was just as terrifying. So go classic this Halloween, especially with the 7th Chucky movie in the works, and dress up as this iconic horror movie villain.

Is it a coincidence that National Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day is so close to Halloween?  We think not. But we do think you should be doing nothing but watching all 6 Chucky movies while dressed up as the iconic doll himself.

Watch the video or follow along with the steps in this post to become Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll in time for #ChuckyTheNotoriousKillerDollDay or Halloween!

Chucky Step 01

Paint on a bruised eye lid over the right eye and blend out.

Add black cracks around the eye using a reference photo for placement.

Chucky Step 02

Powder over the cracks to set them.

Add bruising below the eye and blend.

Add more cracks down onto the cheek.

Chucky Step 03

Fleck watered down red makeup with stiff bristled brush around the cracks.

Outline the cracks with red makeup.

Added stitching with black makeup over some of the cracks. Use reference photos for accuracy.

Chucky Step 04

Add highlights onto some of the cracks and stitches you laid down.

Powder over all of the makeup.

Chucky Step 05

Add a touch of beauty makeup to finish this Chucky crossplay look.

Chucky One of the Good Guys

So if you’re getting all dolled up this Halloween, share your recreations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX. And we hope you had a killer National Chucky Day!