Chelsea Smile Makeup Tutorial

Chelsea Smile Makeup Tutorial


The life of glitz and glam in Los Angeles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Yes, you might bump shoulders with celebrities on the street.  You could land the role of an extra on some major motion picture.  You could even end up finding the the best supporting actor to star in your real life.

While you might want your name in lights, don’t end up as the headline on the front pages, like Elizabeth Short.  Although she will go down in history as the infamous Black Dahlia, the crowds of table-waiting Hollywood hopefuls are hoping their fame comes pre-mortem.

Just remember, the cameras are always rolling so don’t forget to smile.


Roll out 2 worms of nose and scar wax.

Apply to your cheeks from corners of mouth towards your ears.


Use a palette knife to blend the edges into the skin. A drop of castor oil will make the wax less sticky and easier to blend into the skin.


Use the knife to create the “cut” down the center of the wax from your ear towards you mouth.

Sponge liquid latex over the edges of the wax in thin layers until it blends seamlessly over the skin.


Use a thin brush with black makeup and fill in the cut to add depth.

Add a layer of red over the black to make it look more like a wound.


Sponge some red makeup lightly around the cuts to make the skin look inflamed.

Add blood gel until desired effect is achieved.


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