Celebrate International Ninja Day on December 5th



Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stealth Shinobi of Japan and all other highly trained masters of the martial arts, December 5th is your day. December is filled with fun holidays and next to Christmas, this one is a very close second.

The holiday began as a marketing campaign by Ninja Burger and has spread over the years. This particular day was chosen because it was the release day of the Tom Cruise movie “The Last Samurai”.

Make it a fun day and take party in a variety of Ninja related activities.

10 Ways to Celebrate International Ninja Day

  1. Dress like your favorite kind of Ninja. Wear a traditional Ninja costume or dress up in a TMNT costume. At the very least, you should wear black from head to toe, including a mask.
  2. Show off your best karate moves. After all, you are a ninja for the day.
  3. Sneak up on a friend or coworker Ninja style. Typically, when a ninja sneaks up on someone they attack of assassinate them. We highly suggest you leave this part out.
  4. Rent a Ninja movie like “Mortal Kombat” or “GI Joe”. If you have kids you may opt for Power Rangers on DVD
  5. Have teppanyaki or sushi for dinner
  6. Have people refer to you by your Ninja name (see chart below). Mine is Takashika.
  7. Pull a prank on someone. Make something mysteriously disappear.
  8. Host a Ninja Party, decorate in a Japanese theme and have your guests wear Ninja costumes
  9. Sign up for Karate class and really learn to be a ninja.
  10. Run a covert mission such as stealing cookies from the conference room at work. Get your fellow operatives to assist you in your missing

What is your Ninja name:

Ninja Name Chart


What better way to add some humor to your day. If you celebrate International Ninja Day this year, leave us a comment here and tell us about it.