Cars 2 Party Guide


Car 2
Cars have always been fascinating to children – not to mention adults – but the popularity of the “Cars” series of movies has attached feelings and voices to automobiles, making them even more of a hit with young ones. So if one of your little ones has a birthday coming up or any other reason to celebrate, a “Cars”-themed party is sure to get everyone revved up for a good time.

Save yourself the work and buy a package of movie-themed invites or put your creativity to the test and design your own with car-related stickers. Or opt for e-vites and add car sounds or clips from the movies.

There are plenty of options here, as attendees could either decide to go for the all-out automobile costume and dress as Tow Mater or Lightning McQueen or simply opt to be a member of one McQueen’s pit crew. Cars costumes are available at most costume stores and online retailers, so you could include where to find them in your invitations.

Make racing the theme of all your party games. If it’s nice out, set up an obstacle course in the backyard or the local park that simulates a race track. Otherwise, find some materials at your local craft store that resemble car parts and have the kids see who can decorate their car the best within the time limit.

Decorating a cars-shaped cake is one obvious way to commemorate the occasion. Some other ideas include passing out drinks in cone-shaped glasses and offering various types of dipsticks (pretzels, cookies, carrots and celery). Or combine any red, yellow and green foods to play on a stop light.

Parting gifts
Either re-purpose old trophies that are sitting around the basement or buy inexpensive trophies for the game winners – anything with cars or a cup would work quite well. Small toy cars and checkered flags are also fun and inexpensive favors to include in a party pack.