Burn Victim Makeup Tutorial

For some of us, winter is in full swing and that means that we’re living in a perpetual state of trying to get warm.  Sometimes we even go to drastic measures to finally stop shivering once and for all.  There’s nothing like the warmth of a crackling fire to make you feel all cozy.  Even just the scent can make you feel all warm and tingly!  But you know what they say about playing with fire right?  Don’t go too extreme because there aren’t many things that are more painful or more annoying than a burn.

Show everyone you’re not afraid to play with fire without actually suffering the consequences.

We used a DIY gelatin to add realistic looking blisters to mimic a second degree burn.  This step is totally optional and should only be used with caution because the gelatin needs to be melted and can actually burn you if you’re not careful.


Let the gelatin drip off a wooden craft stick or skewer onto the skin.

The lump will form a burn blister. Add as many as you desire for your final look.

Lightly sponge red makeup around the area where you want to apply the burn.

Sponge a few layers of liquid latex over the gelatin and makeup and allow to dry.

Selectively begin to tear through the latex to make the skin appear to peel.

Use black-red makeup on the peeled edges of latex to make the skin look scorched.

Add smudges of the black-red makeup around the edges of the burn area.

Fill in the peeled areas with red, keep it splotchy.

Outline the blisters with red.

Use a thin brush to add more black around the edges of the peeled areas, blending as you go.

Use watered down red makeup and a brush with stiff bristles for the next step.

Flick specks of makeup around the face by flicking the bristles.


Add fake blood sparingly inside the peeling areas of the burn.

Now you should look cooked to perfection!

So turn up the heat this winter but make sure that space heater is far from anything flammable or you might end up looking like another victim in the burn ward! Just another SFX service announcement from all of us at WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com. Share your recreation of this look with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.