It’s March 17th, and millions of people will be trying extra hard to, umm, “pee green.” The annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration usually starts in grade school as an innocent day of crafting shamrocks out of construction paper. Families will come together to share corned beef and cabbage, and potatoes in one form or another. However, somewhere between grade school and full blown adulthood, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations turn a little more “libatious.” Copious beer fuels the millenials through the hours of pub crawling. And eventually, all the Guinness and Bass Ale makes some party people feel extra brave and little bit ornery. Somewhere, the fists will be flying. Someone will end up with a broken nose and black eye. Don’t be that guy or girl. Stay classy this St.Patrick’s day!

We made a How-not-to look on St. Patrick’s Day Video.

• For reference, look at photos of real broken noses and bruises while applying your makeup.

• Use about a pea size ball of nose and scar wax to build up a crooked nose.

• Smooth it out along the edges with fingers and a palette knife to blend smoothly into the skin.

• Apply foundation on top of the wax to match your natural skin tone.

• Use a darker tone on the inside crook of the nose to add a shadow and define the shape.

• With a stippling sponge use dark purple and red tones to create the look of a recent bruise.

• If you want to make the bruise look older apply some yellows and greens on top.

• Press the makeup into the skin using a flat sponge.

• Stipple flesh tone makeup over the bruising to make the bruise look like it is under the skin.

• Again, press it into the skin with a flat sponge.

• Make the look last longer by setting it with translucent powder or setting spray.

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