Top Halloween Decorations for 2019

While you’re spending all of your time shopping for the perfect Halloween costume, don’t forget about your house, the front walk, or your chosen party venue! Halloween décor is an important part of making an unforgettable party for all of your guests!

And it doesn’t even matter what kind of Halloween party you may be hosting! For parties that are family-friendly, we have fun lawn sets, pumpkin man wreaths, and airblown witch legs. For events that are meant to really terrify your guests, there are bloody items like shower curtains, tablecloths, Dead End signs, and more. If you want a special kind of look that feels like vampires, try some gothic décor like metal candle holders, a talking portrait, a smoking cauldron, and lots of other fun choices.

Graveyard & Bloody Halloween Decorations


The lead up to the front door is what helps get your guests in the Halloween mood, and this big collection of graveyard décor will make it even easier to get them spooked before they even ring the doorbell!

There are lots of different places for you to set up some of these unforgettable items like the back porch, the patio, and even inside, but it’s up to you to pick the perfect place for a perfectly frightening graveyard this October! The classic components of a graveyard are, of course, a couple of tombstones, but there are a couple of different styles to choose from. Once you have those picked out, there are some animal friends to add, like skeleton birds, skeleton owls, and spider webs. Pick out a coffin to make the graveyard realistically creepy, and, finally, add a big bunch of skeleton bits and pieces, like an arm stake, a rotten skeleton torso, a leg stake, and a rotten head prop. Mix and match all of these pieces to create a unique path through your haunted graveyard that your party guests will have to navigate through, or make a trick-or-treating path that the little ghosts and ghouls will remember for years to come!


If you’re interested in building a Halloween party that really gets the goosebumps going, take a look at this big collection of bloody décor! These indoor Halloween decorations will get the blood pumping with all kinds of dripping gore, red stains, and much more, all to create a gory and frightening event for all of your unsuspecting guests!

Creating a bloody good Halloween party takes a light touch. You can’t overload your visitors right away or have too much creepy and disgusting stuff, or it will all be for naught. If you want to get the best party possible, put two or three creepy or bloody items in bigger rooms, and one maximum in smaller rooms or hallways. Our offerings include bloody bathroom toilet paper and a blood-spattered shower curtain, a big bloody tablecloth for the buffet table, a wall decoration that recreates a bloody tile wall, window posters that have bloody letters and creepy shadows, a rusty and ominous Dead End sign that works great as a front door decoration, and even a butcher shop sign that works perfect in the kitchen.

Gothic & Family Friendly Halloween Decorations


A gothic décor style is one of the best ways to get a big collection of indoor Halloween decorations that help make your night of Halloween fun memorable for all of your guests! A gothic setting is the place for vampires and rattling chains, decorated with skulls, bats, spiders, and lots of other classic details.

Building a buffet of gothic décor is easy, but you can also decorate the rest of the house. Unlike with bloody items, go wild with these items and fill the entire party space with all kinds of amazing pieces of decoration that your guests will want to talk about, take pictures of, and more! You can get all sorts of decorative items that help bring the horror home, like a cracked magic mirror on a stand, a metal candle holder that you can fill with some candlesticks of your own, and animated frames that will flash, move, and even have conversations with each other! There’s a Day of the Dead skull wreath with some shouting skulls, a spirit board, a talking portrait that is sure to spook your guests, a spellbook and feather that light up and make noises, a smoking cauldron, and a big hanging candelabra!

Family Friendly

If you’re just trying to build a party that’s great for kids and adults alike, there is also a big collection of family-friendly décor for you to utilize that will help you create an event that is memorable and fun for everyone!

There are a ton of items you can get that help you build a wild party that’s full of family-friendly fun for all ages! Feel free to fill all the space you can with these items, from the driveway to the front porch to the dinner table and everywhere else! Packing the party full of fun items only makes it more exciting and enjoyable for everyone, so take a look at some of our items and get all your favorites!

From a Halloween lawn set that includes pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and skeletons, to an airblown ghost that will twist and turn in the wind, there are some fun outdoor Halloween decorations that will get your guests excited. But that’s not all! There are items like gel stickers, tabletop witch legs, spider web projectors, pumpkin man wreaths, light-up ghosts, a Halloween countdown board, a Wicked wood decoration, airblown witch legs, and light up “boo” signs, all colorful and fun to make your party perfect.

If you want to set a scene that stays in your guests’ nightmares for weeks to come, check out our big selection of bloody décor. If you want to turn your house or apartment into something that has the classic feel of a haunted house, try our gothic décor. If you’re trying to build the perfect place for kids to spend a dark Halloween night, we have plenty of family-friendly decorations. Finding both indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations is simple, so even if you don’t have an interior to use, building your party is going to be a breeze. Build an amazing display today!