Avengers Makeup Tutorials

Avengers Makeup Tutorials


It didn’t take the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere to make the Avengers household names so it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear that one of our favorite cosplaying makeup artists, Alexa Poletti, did videos about some members from Team Avengers.

You may remember when she modified our Cinderella costume but if you’re new here, Alexa is a YouTuber who posts videos about cosplay, fashion and makeup.  She’s also a model, a photographer and an all around adorable human.

Ladies, if you’re looking to go as one of the Avengers this Halloween, take a look at these videos to help inspire your superhero look!

Captain America

Captain America has shown his stars and stripes in comic books and has won the hearts of many on the big screen.  Some of us may be partial to Chris Evan’s buff, all-American look but you can’t deny that Alexa gave him a run for his money by finishing off her suit with this patriotic makeup. She even threw in a nail art tutorial help you transform from head-to-toe.

Check out her video here:

Talk about eyebrows on fleek! Ladies, if you purchased your own Captain America suit, don’t forget to finish it off with equally epic makeup.

Iron Man

Tony Stark would be the first to tell you he’s basically a genius, but we think Alexa’s the real genius with this look.  We didn’t have to hold her captive to create an awesome makeup look but she took our very own Iron Man suit and transformed it into something epic.

Okay, we keep saying epic but once you watch this video, you’ll get what we’re so hyped about.

Did you miss the part where her suit lights up?  It just goes to show that with a little modification, a store-bought costume can be taken to the next level.

Black Widow

Arguably the fiercest Avenger of all, Alexa rounded out her Marvel look with this female.  Although we can’t confirm if Alexa is a spy (because who can transform into this many characters without being a spy) she totally kicks butt as Natasha Romanoff in one of our theatrical quality costumes.

Take a look at this video to see what we mean:

This is one lady who doesn’t need any man to protect her however, the Avengers team wouldn’t be the same without her.  Just like this post wouldn’t be the same with this makeup look to round out our Avengers Halloween costume and makeup suggestions!

Let us know what looks you’d like to see Alexa do for Halloween by commenting or tweeting at @WHCostumes & @AlexaPoletti!