Are You Prepared for World War Z?


World War Z PosterYou can’t go anywhere without encountering zombies anymore.  They’re on our TV screens.  They’re in the movies.  You might even find yourself in the midst of a zombie walk or flash mob.  Zombies are pretty much taking over.

It’s no surprise Max Brooks’ book World War Z is ready for the big screen.

If you haven’t heard the buzz about the book, you’ve surely heard about the latest Brad Pitt film.  People are turning and the zombie infection is spreading around the world.  It is up to United Nations employee Gerry Lane to find out all that he can about this pandemic in order to stop the collapse of humanity.

This isn’t just another zombie movie.  Brooks’ book had very strong themes and social commentary and you can expect the same for this summer blockbuster.  It will force you to question what you would do to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Luckily for you, Brooks’ is also the author who penned The Zombie Survival Guide.

The production of this movie has been just as chaotic as the storyline.  There were shoots and reshoots.  They hired multiple writers to write and rewrite the script.  And finally, World War Z is set to premiere June 21st, 2013.

Take a look at this official trailer:

There’s just something about zombies that gets people excited.  Show your excitement by showing everyone you’re infected with the zombie craze at this film’s premiere.  No one is safe from the zombie virus, and there are various costumes that prove just that.

From prom kings and queens,

 Zombie Prom KingZombie Prom Queen

To men, housewives and children.

 Zombie HousewifeZombie GirlZombie Man

There are plenty of costumes that can enhance your movie viewing experience.

It doesn’t take much to zombify yourself.  There are various zombie costume makeup products that will have you ready for your close up.  It’s truly terrifying to think that the person next door has simply turned, with the help of some gruesome makeup.

Special Effects BloodLiquid Latex

You’ll look absolutely rotten and all it takes is some special effects blood and liquid latex.  These products are what special effects makeup artists use to create the iconic looks you see on the big and small screens.

June 21st, 2013 marks the date of the next world war.  Will you fight with the zombies or the humans?

To me, the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to blend in.  Or maybe I just really love dressing up.  Either way, if you zombify yourself for the World War Z premiere, don’t forget to share your pictures with us!