Annabelle Makeup Tutorial

Annabelle Makeup Tutorial

Annabelle Makeup Tutorial

Pediophobia. We all feel it, right? The fear of dolls is universal, RIGHT?? With all due respect, dolls need to stop being so freaky. Having said that, we choose to accept all of the sleepless nights in the name of horror franchises like Child’s Play and Puppet Master and the latest terrifying toy movie, Annabelle, the nightmare inducing spin-off from The Conjuring.

We just know that moment, out of the corner of an eye, when the vintage doll perched on Grandmother’s shelf moves, ALL BY ITSELF! No thanks. Not in my house. And they just get creepier with age- cracks, missing eyes, balding. Signs of a well loved doll or details to elicit terror? Do us all a favor and keep the family gathering at Gam-Gam’s G-rated. Leave the reanimated demon dollies to Hollywood.

We might not get a chance to see Annabelle in The Conjuring 2 but we wanted to pay homage to this bedeviled little lady the best way we know how- with a makeup tutorial done by none other the Caitlyn Kreklewich. Subscribe and keep up with all the eye catching collabs with Caitlyn over on her channel.

Annabelle Step 01

Draw a semi-circle line around the base of your neck to resemble the joints of a doll.

Also trace the jawline with black makeup.

Using a fluffy brush and black eyeshadow, blend out the line to create dimension.

Annabelle Step 02

Outline your eyebrows with black eyeliner, starting at the bridge of the nose.  Use the black eyeliner to also extend your crease past the tear duct on your inner eye.

Draw in a semi-circle on the tip of your nose to create a wider shape. Also fill in around your nostrils to widen your natural shape.  Lastly, carve out the outside of your nose with the same black eyeliner.

Annabelle Step 03

Draw in dimples at the corners of your mouth with black eyeliner.

Accentuate your natural smile creases on your cheeks, chin and mouth.

Create depth around the eyes and cheeks by blending out the lines with black and brown eyeshadows.

Annabelle Step 04

Contour your nose with the same black and brown eyeshadows.

Line the eyelid with black eyeliner. Use your finger to smudge and blend the line with your lashes.  Fill in any space left with black liquid liner.

Annabelle Step 05

To create the illusion of large doll eyes, line the bottom of your eye with white eyeliner.

Use concealer to clean up the lines around your eyes.

Annabelle Step 06

With black eyeliner, draw in eyebrows above your natural ones.

Also add black eyeliner right under the white under your eyes.

Apply mascara to your top lashes to create a base for your fake lashes.

Apply thick lower lashes to the outside corners of your eyes.

Use fluffy, doll-like lashes for your top lashes.

Annabelle Step 07

Go back in with white eyeliner and fill in your waterline.

Use a deep red lipstick on the lips.

Now go sit in your rocking chair and await your next victim.

Annabelle Final

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Annabelle Oozing