Best DIY Props for Halloween From Our Blog

For some Halloween isn’t just a holiday celebrated on October 31st. For them, Halloween is a lifestyle. We’re happy to be part of that group. If you’re like us and you’re counting down until September 1st to transform your home into your spooky happy place, this post is for you.

There’s no denying that we sell a lot of Halloween costumes every year. But Halloween is about so much more than just what you’re wearing. Decking your house out is just as important every fall. Just like lights during the Christmas season, people go hunting for the best haunted-looking houses in the neighborhood. That’s why we always have fun thinking up some Halloween decorations you can make for yourself.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite decorations from the past seasons.

1. Specimen Jars

Creepy Halloween Specimen Jars DIY Tutorial

If you’re up for a little experimentation this Halloween, you need to look the part. Every mad scientist or creepy doctor has a collection of jars featuring different specimens from their experiments. Test your DIY skills by attempting to recreate these Specimen Jars for a creepy display.

2. Spider Nest Wreath

DIY Spider Nest Wreath

Of all the creepy crawlies out there, spiders are usually the star of all Halloween decorations. From giant spiders that are taking over the whole house to a more subtle approach of placing realistic looking spiders in unlikely places. This spider nest wreath is the perfect symbol for your door that will let all your neighbors and trick-or-treaters that you mean business this Halloween.

3. Cheesecloth Ghost Busts

Halloween Glowing Cheesecloth Ghost Bust DIY

There are people who seek out haunted houses and others who try to avoid them. That’s why when you’re decorating for Halloween, you need your neighbors and trick-or-treaters to know there are ghosts on your property. These glowing cheesecloth ghosts busts are perfect for hanging in your trees or bushes!

4. Masking Tape Hand

DIY Glowing Masking Tape Hand

Sometimes you just need a hand and today, we’re lending you one. Body parts are a staple piece of Halloween decor and incorporating a hand has never been easier. With a few household supplies, you can bring this masking tape hand to life. From lighting the way to your front door to popping up around the house, this simple hand prop is a must-have.

5. Zombie Hand

DIY Zombie Hand

The only thing scarier than the dead during Halloween is the undead. Trade in ghosts for zombies when you’re decorating your yard. This zombie hand tutorial will have everyone thinking you’ve got some skeletons that don’t want to stay buried anymore. Pair this hand with a few tombstones and you’ve got the perfect setting for some walking dead.

6. Gothic Bottles

DIY Gothic Bottles

From witches brew to other creepy concoctions, there’s nothing spookier to display around the house during Halloween. While you don’t actually need to mix up the contents for each, you can easily upcycle bottles from your recycling bin. Turn any old bottle into a creepy Halloween vestibule with the helo fo this gothic bottles tutorial.

7. Glowing Ghost

DIY Glowing Ghost

Ghosts don’t always have to be creepy. Everyone will recognize the classic white ghost with black features when you string this DIY glowing ghost around your yard. Create different expressions for each ghost so they have their own personalities. For a scary vibe, go with angry faces and for a family-friendly yard, maybe a few happy ghosts will help ease any fears.

8. Chicken Wire Ghost

DIY Chicken Wire Ghost

The creepiest thing about ghosts is that sometimes you can see them and sometimes you can’t. While we’re not sure if we’d rather see them or not, there’s no denying this DIY chicken wire ghost will be the focal point of your haunted yard decor. It glows and you can pose it however you want!

9. Personalized Tombstone

DIY Tombstone

While hanging out in graveyards might not be the best idea during Halloween, here’s a way to bring the cemetery home with you without the spirits. This DIY tombstone tutorial will teach you how to create your own personalized gravestones for your yard. Adding your own personal touch will make your lawn graveyard even creepier to your friends, family and neighbors.

10. DIY Lawn Coffin

DIY Halloween Lawn Coffin Prop

Speaking of graveyards, here’s another lawn decoration that will really creep out the neighborhood. Instead of just setting up tombstones, take your yard up a few notches on the scary scale with a DIY lawn coffin. This Halloween prop will give everyone the impression that there might be more to your yard than meets the eye. They’ll just have to go digging to find out your secrets.

11. DIY Halloween Window Silhouettes

Creepy Halloween Window Silhouettes with FREE Templates

Don’t forget about the windows when decorating for Halloween. These DIY window silhouettes are perfect for anyone who may not have a yard to deck out but still wants to decorate. With a few supplies and these easy instructions, you’ll have a window display that will creep all your neighbors out!

No matter how you’re decking your home out this Halloween, there’s definitely a DIY decoration for you. If you recreate any of the items on this list, we’d love to see them! Share your pics with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

Best DIY Props for Halloween From Our Blog