1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup

Feeling nostalgic? Can’t say we blame you. No one warned us about how hard adulting would be and things seem really complicated right now. We all have moments where we look back and think about how simple life seemed. But in this age of the 24 hour news cycle, viral social media posts and having our internal terror alerts set to “imminent anxiety,” maybe we can put down the cell phones for a second and immerse ourselves in a warm swirling pool of memories. For some of us that takes us back to the 1980’s.

The growth of cable TV was exploding across the country in the early 80’s. New channels led to new subscribers and the country was sponging up all the content. Pop culture was being set by sitcoms and sports superstars, but even more so by the songs and styles MTV was serving up to the American youth. The fashion of the celebrities was trickling into the closets of the kids in the suburbs, not just the cities. The country was awash in body suits, crop tops, leg warmers, leggings, ripped jeans, fanny packs, shoulder pads, mini skirts and parachute pants (funny how some things come back!). Everybody wanted to stand out. Everybody wanted to fit in.

Someone in the fashion industry decided it was time to mix some highlighter colored dyes into the fabric and day-glow clothes were impossible to miss. Makeup was quick to catch up and bright poppy colors of makeup were being applied in unexpected ways. Icons like Madonna, Grace Jones, Cindy Lauper and Pat Benetar were showing off some seriously bold looks. We asked makeup artist Caitlyn Kreklewich to update to the look for one of our 80’s costumes. The perfect look if you’re trying to party like an 80’s rock star!

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This makeup is inspired by the look Madonna served up when her iconic status was just beginning. Follow the video or the steps below to see how to do it.

1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup Step 1

Start with a base of foundation and concealer.

80’s eyebrows were unplucked and full. Draw on the base shape with a light brown brow pencil and fill in with a dark brow pencil using upward strokes

Brush upward over the brows with a clean brown brush to give the hairs direction and soften the drawn-on look.

1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup Step 2

Sweep and blend a bold purple shadow into the crease of each upper lid.

Fill in the rest of the lid with bright poppy pink shadow and blend with the purple.

1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup Step 3

Line the upper lid using a dark brown liner.

Line the lower lid using a liner brush to keep the line soft.

A layer of black mascara on the upper and lower lashes will finish off the eyes.

1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup Step 4

Apply a pink blush and don’t be shy about it!

Use a black liquid liner to add a fake mole above the lip and below the nose to the side.

Use a magenta lip liner to line the upper and lower lip- overdraw your cupid’s bow with a slight point.

Fill in the lips with bright pink lip color and tidy up and blend the liner.

1980s Pop Culture Queen Makeup

Pop on a wig and a coordinating hair accessory and you’re done!! Totally RAD!

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