Best Adult DIY Costumes for Halloween From Our Blog

Halloween is coming and that means it’s time to start planning your costume. We could sit here and predict which items will be best sellers for Halloween 2019, but you don’t have to go with the trends. Be original this Halloween by DIYing your own costume and accessories.

While some DIYs on this list require you to build from scratch, others show you how you can find items in your closet or around the house to transform. There are even some that teach you how to upgrade your store-bought costumes to take them to the next level.

Bottom line, we think there’s a costume or accessory DIY on this list for you. Keep reading to find out!

1. Infinity Gauntlet

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Costume Upgrade

Whether you’re looking to become Thanos or are just trying to save the world, this DIY Infinity Gauntlet is perfect for you. Create your very own glove from Avengers: Infinity War to wield all the power this Halloween.

2. Wolf Mask & Feet

DIY Wolf MaskDIY Wolf Feet Shoes

While it might take a full moon and a curse to transform you into a werewolf, we’ve found an easier way. From the Big Bad Wolf to werewolf, you can become this wild animal with the help of this wolf mask and these wolf feet.

3. Wonder Woman Weapons

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Accessories

Just donning her costume doesn’t do this fierce female justice. But adding all of her accessories doesn’t have to break the bank. Find out how to create the perfect finishing touches to your Wonder Woman look with this DIY that includes 5 of her accessories.

4. Harambe

DIY Harambe Costume

While the story of Harambe was tragic, the internet wasn’t going to let him die. Many memes were born of this gorilla who was killed after a child fell into his enclosure. You too can keep the memory of Harambe alive by recreating this DIY costume upgrade.

5. Knightmare Batman

DIY Knightmare Batman

If you took away anything from Batman v. Superman it should’ve been Knightmare Batman. This version of Batman helped make Ben Affleck look cool as the Caped Crusader. With a few upgrades, you too can transform your Batman costume into this Knightmare Batman look.

6. Powerpuff Girls

DIY Powerpuff Girls Costumes

Not only do the Powerpuff girls have signature looks, but they also have signature personalities. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a look for Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. Check your closet for supplies and you too can DIY your own Powerpuff Girls costume.

7. Stranger Things

DIY Stranger Things Costumes

Since its premiere, Stranger Things has been a Halloween and convention staple. You too can become some of your favorite characters, like Dustin, Eleven and Barb. With a few pieces from your closet or thrift store and a few online purchases, you’ll transform into the kids and teens of Stranger Things.

8. Rick & Morty

DIY Rick & Morty Costumes

While the show might NSFW, we can’t get enough. That’s why we had to find a way for us to become the titular characters. Piece together your own Rick & Morty costumes with the help of our DIY tutorial, and your look will be an instant hit.

9. Billy Manziel

DIY Billy Manziel Costume

Billy Manziel may think he’s a master of disguise but it didn’t take long for him to get recognized. If you’re a fan of this football player, have a little fun this Halloween. Try on this Billy Manziel DIY costume look for size.

10. Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood DIY Costume

This isn’t the Little Red Riding Hood you remember from the story. Instead, she’s fighting back against the wolf. Recreate this look with the help of this Red’s Revenge DIY costume and makeup tutorial by Freakmo.

11. Asteroid

Spooky the Halloween Asteroid DIY Costume

In 2015, Halloween was threatened by an asteroid. Instead of fearing this space-traveling rock, we decided to honor it with a costume of its own. Transform yourself with this Spooky the Halloween Asteroid DIY Costume!

12. Deadpool

DIY Deadpool Costume

Marvel really outdid themselves with this at times NSFW, unlikely hero. Deadpool has smashed the box offices twice and there’s no stopping him now. Become this Merc with a Mouth with the help of our DIY Deadpool costume tutorial!

13. Immortan Joe

DIY Immortan Joe Costume

If Valhalla is what you’re after, Mad Max is probably one of your favorite movies. We recently got another installment in the franchise and that’s worth dressing up over. This DIY Immortan Joe costume includes step-by-step instructions for crafting your own mask.

14. Back to the Future

DIY Back to the Future Costumes

Time-traveling has its consequences and no one knows that better than Marty McFly. Now that we’re in the future that’s further than the franchise explored, it’s all unknown territory. But we’ll always remember to save the clock tower. Whether you’re more a Marty or more a Doc, here are DIY Back to the Future costumes for you!

15. Princess Bubblegum

DIY Princess Bubblegum Costume

Fans of Adventure Time know that the Bubblegum Kingdom is full of so many fantastic characters. Take Princess Bubblegum as an example. You won’t need to spend hours in the lab to recreate her scientist look. Just follow this DIY Princess Bubblegum costume tutorial!

16. Cotton Candy Princess

DIY Cotton Candy Princess costume

Cartoons are just for kids anymore. With shows like Adventure Time people of all ages can enjoy the hilariously witty storylines. We wanted to show the fan-favorite characters who don’t necessarily have costumes for sale some love. That’s why we put together this version of Cotton Candy Princess that you can DIY!

17. Rey

DIY Rey Costume

Fans were excited about finally getting a new episode in the Star Wars saga, but no one stole the show quite like Rey. She roams the galaxy approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor, and now you can dress like her, in tan, desert-friendly clothes with the help of this DIY Rey costume tutorial.

18. iZombie

DIY iZombie Costume

While the Walking Dead dominates zombie television, you can’t forget about this CW show. iZombie is a fresh take on the zombie trope because the main character, Liv Moore, uses her zombie powers to solve crimes. Become this medical examining, feisty female with the help of this DIY iZombie costume.

19. Jurassic World Survivor

DIY Jurassic Park Survivor Costume

We should’ve learned by now that taking a trip to Jurassic Park never ends well. But that hasn’t stopped the franchise. While we wait for the 3rd installment to the Jurassic World trilogy, you can dress the part this Halloween. DIY your very own Jurassic Park survivor costume.

20. Straight outta Compton

DIY Easy E Costume

No matter where you’re straight out of, this Halloween, it’ll be Compton. Thanks to the success of the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton fans were reintroduced to one of the most controversial hip-hop groups to date. Channel your inner rapper and put together your own look with the help of our DIY Easy E costume.

21. Colonel Sanders

DIY Colonel Sanders Costume

There are no secret ingredients in our recipe for a hilarious Halloween costume. Colonel Sanders has been the face fo Kentucky Fried Chicken for as long as we can remember and to that, we salute him. Become this chicken expert with inspiration from our DIY Colonel Sanders costume.

22. Arrow Black Canary

DIY Arrow Black Canary Costume

This female vigilante has been through a lot in the CW hit Arrow. The mantle has changed hands many of times but the most notable character to wear the mask has been Laurel Lance. Practice your Canary Cry and suit up with the team with the help of this DIY Canary costume.

23. Bob Ross

DIY Bob Ross Costume

If you’ve perfected your happy trees, then dressing up as Bob Ross this Halloween is a no-brainer. You can find most of the items you need in your closet or at a thrift store. Find out exactly what you need in this DIY Bob Ross costume post.

24. Justice League Black Canary

DIY Justice League Black Canary Costume

Canary became a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. Since then, she’s remained the member with some of the best hand-to-hand combat skills. This blonde vixen is also known for her Canary Cry, which she possesses the metagene for. Become the Justice League Unlimited version of this vigilante with the help of our DIY Justice League Canary costume tutorial.

25. Spider Gwen

DIY Spider Gwen Costume

On Earth 65, it was Gwen Stacy who was bit by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. And that’s why we’ve been blessed with Spider-Gwen comics. Become the Spider Woman we need to save the day this Halloween with the help of our DIY Spider-Gwen costume tutorial.

26. Bill Belichick

DIY Bill Belichick Costume

Football fans will #NeverForget Deflategate even though the New England Patriots would like you to. With so many wins under their belts, it’s no surprise that people like to rag on the team. That’s why it’s still the perfect time to bring up this ball deflating controversy. Become the Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick thanks to this DIY Deflategate costume tutorial.

27. Steve Jobs

DIY Steve Jobs Costume

Without this man, you probably wouldn’t have the device you’re reading this on. Unless you’re an Android or PC user, but we can look past that. Steve Jobs was a visionary and his legacy will live on in Apple for generations to come. Don this DIY Steve Jobs costume and you’ll be quite the vision yourself.

28. Katniss

DIY Katniss Costume

We might be done with new Hunger Games books and movies but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our Girl on Fire, our Mockingjay. *Insert three finger salute.* Suit up with your squad and take on the capital in style with the help of this DIY Katniss Everdeen Costume.

29. Assassin’s Creed

DIY Assassin's Creed Costume

In the on-going fight between Assassins and Templars, which side are you on? Fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise can take their store-bought Connor costume to the next level with some tips from Knightmage. Find out how he upgraded his Assassin’s Creed costume.

30. Miranda Sings

DIY Miranda Sings Costume

If you’re like Miranda and you think that Halloween is full of porn, this DIY costume is for you. Known as a five threat, she’s a singer, actor, dancer, model and magician. Binge-watch her Netflix series Haters Back Off and you’ll find getting into character is as easy as following the steps in our DIY Miranda Sings costume tutorial.

31. DIY Tardis Costume

DIY TARDIS Costume from a Cardboard Box

For all the Whovians out there, we’ve got a treat for you. While we haven’t figured out how to create our own Gallifreyan time machine we did turn regular cardboard into Doctor Who’s iconic ship. Follow along with this video tutorial to create your very own TARDIS costume this Halloween!

32. DIY Halloween Headband

DIY Halloween Headband

Are you not allowed to dress up? Or are you looking of ways to adding a holiday flair to your outfits this Halloween season? Then this DIY headband is perfect for you. Get in the spooky spirit with this easy to recreate, hypnotizing headpiece.

33. Halloween Flower Crown

DIY Halloween Flower Crown Tutorial

Flower crowns aren’t just for festivals! With the right color combinations, you can create a flowery headband for every holiday. Start with Halloween. Follow along with the easy steps in our DIY Halloween flower crown post and you’ll have a headpiece of your own to wear this spooky season!

34. No-Sew Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Hoodie

DIY Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Hoodie Tutorial

You don’t need to save up your V bucks to bring Fortnite’sno-sew Fortnite hoodie rainbow smash pickaxe to life. This is sure to be a hit this Halloween. It’s comfortable and colorful, making it a great choice to dress up with for any trick-or-treating or costume parties.

We made it through the full list! That’s 34 DIY costumes you can recreate for yourself this Halloween that are sure to be a hit. Don’t want to do all the work it takes to create your own costume? We’ve got you covered with all the Halloween costumes and accessories you need!

If you recreate any of our DIY costumes or create a character of your own, connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to share pictures of your finished looks with us. Connect with us on Pinterest too!

Best Adult DIY Costumes for Halloween From Our Blog