Dolls are something we play with from childhood and some people collect them as a hobby. But Hollywood has ruined them with movies like Child’s Play and Annabelle because all we can think about is the dolls might come to life looking for payback. Payback for what is debatable but we’ve all put our dollies in situations that are less than ideal and some collectors have let their porcelain dolls collect dust.

So we were so excited to hear that our friend Alexa Poletti wanted to show off the different doll looks people like to create for Halloween. And because there are so many popular doll Halloween makeup looks to choose from, watch her build from the classic porcelain look to a cracked doll to a possessed doll in this video!

Once you pick which kind of doll you’d like to be, it’s time to pick the perfect costume to go with the makeup. Alexa used our Marie Antoinette costume but we’ve got plenty of doll costumes that will also finish off the look.

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