WHC Facebook Banner Scholarship Winner

For our WHC Winter Scholarship, we challenged entrants with creating a new banner for our Wholesale Halloween Costumes Facebook page. Our winner is Olivia Marie Fredricks of Cabot, Arkansas. Olivia is a young and ambitious student who plans to use her award at her first choice school – University of Arizona. Her winning submission is pictured above and we will feature it on our Facebook page for our nearly 30K fans to see.

Olivia - Scholarship Winner

Winter 2015 WHC Scholarship Winner


We asked her to share her inspiration for this quirky and creative banner:

What was my inspiration: I just really like Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, not because of the “scare” factor, but because we can make fun of the scary things. I like that traditionally horrifying things can be seen in a humorous way. The software I used was Paint Tool Sai. I have been taking art classes throughout my entire educational career (which isn’t even over), so I guess you can say I have a background in art even though I don’t do it for a living yet.

I hope to major in art with an emphasis on illustration. Illustration is so super cool because you can tell stories with your art, you can convey messages. As someone who is type-A and about to go to college, it scares me not to have a clear answer to that question. Grad school is definitely in the plan, but after that I’m just not sure. There are so many possibilities. I’m incredibly ambitious, so I would like to publish some art books, travel to Japan, do some visual development for some animated movies, do some editorial and book illustration, start a webcomic (in whatever spare time I have)…I want to do everything. We’ll just see where life leads me at that point.

As you can see, Olivia has many high aspirations and Wholesale Halloween Costumes is happy to help her get started with some we deserved scholarship money.

Our next contest will be to create a new jingle for our brand. See the application instructions and turn your creativity into cash. You have until May 5, 2015 to enter.