15 Amazing Non-Traditional Christmas Songs


If you are like me, you look forward to that day when you hear the first Christmas song of the season. If you are like me, you also get tired of the same old tunes being played over and over and over. Just because White Christmas and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas are sung by a hundred different artists doesn’t make them any different. I decided to make my own compilation of non-traditional Christmas songs that don’t get the radio play they deserve.

It is time for some newer songs to join the ranks of classics.  I set up some basic guidlines: 1) They have to be original 2) They must never have been performed ever on The Andy Williams Christmas Special, Lawrence Welk or any other old fogey variety show. 3) They have to be good.

The list below represents my selections for the top 15 Non-Traditional Christmas Songs:

  1. I wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas – Bon Jovi – My favorite artist in all his sexy Christmas glory.
  2. Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls – This was not originally intended to be a Christmas song but it is and its GREAT!
  3. Believe – Josh Groban – From the movie Polar Express, amazingly beautiful song by a man with the voice of an angel.
  4. A Merry New York City Christmas – Rob Thomas – Love his voice and his passion. I also love it because its about NYC. If you have never been to the city at Christmas time, put it on the list of things to do before you die.
  5. That Spirit of Christmas – Ray Charles – A beautiful song that I have never heard played on the radio. The only reason I know it is because it is on the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation soundtrack.
  6. Christmastime – Smashing Pumpkins – with angst like only Billy Corgan can produce.
  7. Same Old Lang Syne – Dan Folgerberg – OK, kind of an oldie but you have to admit you like it.
  8. Christmas Time is Here – Vince Guaraldi Trio – Yes, another oldie but just like #5, it is one of those tunes you only hear when you watch the movie. In this case, you will recognize it from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.
  9. Happy Christmas (War is Over) – John Lennon – It may be from the 70s but the message still rings true today.
  10. Christmas Time Again – Extreme – I like the message, and the melody.
  11. Thank God Its Christmas – Queen – I didn’t even know this one existed until I found it on YouTube yesterday. No one can belt out a song like the late Freddy Mercury.
  12. Christmas Cannon – Trans Siberian Orchestra – I wanted to include an orchestral piece. Whenever I hear it I feel inspired and infused with Christmas Spirit. Can’t you just imagine the snow falling on a peaceful winter night while sitting in front of glowing tree.
  13. Christmas in the Caribbean – Jimmy Buffet – It was a tie between this and Mele Kalikimaka but that song is by Bing Crosby and doesn’t meet my criteria. Besides, I already have on song from the Christmas Vacation soundtrack.
  14. Early Christmas Morning – Cyndi Lauper – If you want to relive the way your felt as a kid on Christmas morning, you’ll love this song. She is an  all time favorite of my. Merry Christmas Cyndi, I love you!
  15. Shake Up Christmas – Train – Pat Monahan has the greatest voice and their sound is upbeat and fun.

If you have a favorite non-traditional Christmas song, add it to the comments below. I’d love to update my playlist.