Best Kids DIY Costumes for Halloween From Our Blog

There’s no denying that dressing up is fun. With all the great characters your kids watch on TV or in movies, it might be hard for them to pick who they want to be for Halloween. Luckily for you, we’ve put together some DIY costumes that will help bring their favorite tv and movie characters to life.

From LEGO characters to Paw Patrol, we’ve got just the DIYs you need to take their costumes to the next level. Find out if your kid’s favorite is on the list!

1. Nemo from Finding Nemo

DIY Nemo Costume

Since Finding Nemo premiered, it’s been anything but hard to find the titular clownfish. He’s everywhere. Every clownfish has become Nemo. Now your kid can also become Nemo with the help of this DIY Nemo costume tutorial.

2. Dory from Finding Dory

DIY Dory Costume

When we first met Dory in Finding Nemo she inspired us all to ‘just keep swimming.’ Voiced by Ellen Degeneres, Dory was a fan-favorite. She even ended up getting her own movie, Finding Dory. Bring this forgetful fish back to life this Halloween with the help of ourDIY Dory costume tutorial.

3. Mal from Descendants

DIY Mal Costume

Disney introduced us to the offspring of their most famous villains and audiences fell in love. So much in love that there was a sequel out in no time. We’re even getting Descendants 3 in 2019. So if your little one wants to be Maleficent’s daughter, Mal this Halloween, our DIY Mal costume is here for you!

4. PJ Masks

PJ Masks Costume Tutorial

What little kid doesn’t dream of becoming a superhero one day? Well, your little one’s sweet dreams are about to come true. This DIY PJ Masks post features a step-by-step guide to recreating Catboy, Owlette and Gekko’s signature suits. Don’t forget their masks. Find out how to make your own PJ Masks masks here.

5. PAW Patrol Police Car

DIY Paw Patrol Police Costume

Sometimes, a costume isn’t all it takes to capture a character. Take Chase from PAW Patrol. This police and spy dog is known for his maturity and his cruiser. That’s why if your little one is suiting up as Chase this Halloween, you’ll need this DIY wearable police cruiser to complete the look.

6. PAW Patrol Firetruck

DIY Paw Patrol Firetruck Costume

Just like Chase, Marshall from PAW Patrol has a signature vehicle of his own. The Dalmatian pup is a firefighter, so he needs a fire engine to get around. Although his vehicle can transform into an ambulance, you don’t have to get too crazy with your little one’s costume. Just use this DIY Firetruck Costume tutorial to complete the look!

7. Kwazii from  The Octonauts

DIY Kwazii Costume

This next kid’s costume takes a plunge into the ocean. Kwazii is one of the anthropomorphic animals of The Octonauts. These deep-sea explorers have introduced kids to unusual but real sea creatures. And this Halloween, your little one can suit up as well, with the help of ourKwazii Costume tutorial.

8. LEGO Batman


If your little one likes putting together LEGOs, we’ve got a DIY costume that’s sure to save the day. Thanks to the LEGO Batman movie, we got a whole new spin on the classic Batman suit. Find out how to piece together your own costume with the help of this LEGO Batman DIY Costume Tutorial.

9. LEGO Superman

DIY LEGO Superman Costume

If Superman is more your little one’s speed, LEGO has got you covered. And lucky for you, we decided to put together our very own LEGO Superman costume to bring your kid’s favorite toy hero to life.

10. Cheeky Chocolate from Shopkins

DIY Cheeky Chocolate Costume

This sweet treat is known by her Shopkins friends as a perky prankster. But we’re not pulling a prank on you this Halloween. If your little one is looking for a rare costume this Halloween, our DIY Cheeky Chocolate costume can help!

11. Sheriff Callie from Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

DIY Sheriff Callie Costume

This calico cat keeps the peace in Nice and Friendly Corners in the musical comedy series Sheriff Callies’ Wild West. If your little one wants to wear the badge and keep the Cowpoke Code, look no further. This DIY Sheriff Callie costume tutorial will have her transformed into that feisty feline in no time.

12. No-Sew Unicorn Hoodie

DIY No-Sew Unicorn Halloween Costume

You won’t need any magic to recreate this unicorn hoodie. You don’t even have to know how to sew! Transform any hoodie into this magical, mystical beast. This adorable hoodie features an attached flower crown and dangling tail to complete the look!

13. No-Sew Vampirina Hoodie

DIY No-Sew Vampirina Hoodie Costume

Calling all ghouls! Let your little one transform into this little vampire any day of the week. This Vampirina hoodie is a cute way to dress up this Halloween without feeling restricted by an uncomfortable costume. With a few supplies and zero sewing skills needed, you’ll bring this character from the TV screen into real life.

Don’t break the bank this Halloween on your kid’s costume. Instead, put your DIY skills to the test and make them a costume that will surely help them stand out during the annual costume parade. If you recreate any of our DIY costumes or create a character of your own, connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to share pictures of your cute kid with us. Connect with us on Pinterest too!

Best Kids DIY Costumes for Halloween From Our Blog