100 Fun Things to do this Summer


Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer. Although the summer solstice is still a few weeks away, the warm weather beckons us outside for some long awaited fun in the sun. This list of 101 ways to have fun in the sun should keep you busy all summer long. Best of all, most of the ideas on this list are free or cheap.

1. Sunbath – with sunscreen of course
2. take a swim
3. learn to surf or paddle board
4. go tubing in a river
5. fly a kite
6. attend a summer festival
7. have a clambake
8. make bbq smoked ribs on a real charcoal grill
9. create an adult sized slip ‘n slide with industrial size trash bags and a water hose.
10. go to a yoga class in the park
11. build a sandcastle
12. make homemade ice cream sandwiches
13. teach your dog some new tricks
14. ride your bike just for the fun of it
15. have a water balloon fight
16. pick flowers and make a bouquet
17. go fishing
18. take pictures of your friends doing silly things
19. stay away from the tv
20. make a You Tube video
21. right a song about summertime
22. update your ipod with summer themed music
23. wear an itzy bitzy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
24. Make a new friend
25. Eat watermelon and have a pit spitting contest.
26. Paint your fingers and toes in yellow like the summer sun
27. Put grapes in the freezer for a refreshing treat
28. Play with children
29. sleep late
30. learn to play golf
31. make sure you see fireworks at least once
32. go to a minor league ball game
33. have a hula hoop contest
34. play dizzy bat
35. decorate your flip-flops with faux flowers from the craft store
36. read a good book (or 3 or 4)
37. get up in the middle of the night to watch a meteor shower
38. enjoy the setting sun with a glass of wine in your hand
39. open your window and let the early summer breeze fill your home with the fragrance of summer
40. go for a hike
41. Jump into an ice cold swimming hole
42. swing from a tree swing
43. walk barefoot through the grass
44. make flatbread pizza on the grill
45. don’t use your kitchen for a week. Do all your meals on the grill
46. try a raw diet
47. camp out in your back yard
48. make smores
49. go to a playground
50. ride a roller coaster
51. go to a drive in movie
52. catch fireflies in a jar
53. dance in the moonlight
54. run under the sprinklers
55. paint a landscape
56. have a picnic
57. jump in a puddle
58. drink your morning coffee outside
59. make a wind chime out of recycled items.
60. repurpose an item you by from a garage sale
61. start a new hobby
62. think happy thoughts
63. dig for fossils
64. ride in a convertible
65. pick your own fruit and veggies
66. bake a pie with fresh fruit
67. have an ice cream sundae party
68. go to a petting zoo
69. ride a horse
70. skip rocks
71. make homemade popsicles
72. plant an herb garden
73. blow bubbles
74. take a day off from work for no reason at all
75. open your blinds and let the sunshine wake you each day
76. make fresh lemonade
77. have a luau
78. wear a lei just for the heck of it
79. wash your car
80. have a scavenger hunt
81. watch clouds
82. look for rainbows
83. paint shells and rocks
84. play mini golf
85. eat cotton candy and funnel cake
86. tell scary stories around a campfire
87. plant flowers in the yard
88. do a charity walk-a-thon
89. eat al fresco at a trendy restaurant
90. make sangria
91. take pictures of butterflies
92. pick wild berries after a summer rain
93. ride in a speed boat
94. see the view from a mountain top or skyscraper
95. fly the American flag outside your home all summer long
96. get ice cream from the ice cream man and treat the neighborhood kids
97. go to a water park
98. fly in a hot air balloon
99. try parasailing
100. Savor every moment because it goes to fast

Enjoy the warm air and the cool breezes and take every opportunity to enjoy time outside. Before you know it, those autumn winds will be blowing in.