10 Gifts Iron Man Wants for His Birthday

10 Gifts Iron Man Wants for His Birthday

Iron Man Birthday

Iron Man BirthdayThere’s no one who loves Iron Man more than Iron Man so it may be hard to get a gift worthy of this Avenger.  Have no fear!  We’ve put together the perfect list of presents that Mr. Stark would want.

1. Girls, girls, girls!

World Premiere of "Iron Man 2" Hollywood, CAIf there’s one thing Tony Stark may love more than himself, it’s a pretty lady.

2. Articles of clothing designed in his honor.

Iron Man Clothing  Even Iron Man needs a break from his armor and designer suits…

3. A life-size statue of himself.

Life Size Iron Man StatueIf you’re really looking to stroke someone’s ego, a life-size statue is always the right answer.

4. Peppers & Pots.

Peppers in a PotSee what we did there?

5. A new heart.

Heart ClockIf the Tin Man can get a new heart, so can Tony Stark.  Arc Reactors are cool and all but nothing beats a good ol’ ticker.

6. A fancy new sports car to add to his collection.Iron Man Sports Car

Nothing can come between Mr. Stark and his wheels. Except maybe the girls on his sports car…

7. Speaking of girls…

IronettesLadies, it could be worse than being objectified by a genius billionaire.  It really could be worse.

8. This life-like cake.

Iron Man Light Up CakeDid you miss the part where this cake LIGHTS UP?  This has Tony Stark written all over it.

9. These light up goggles because, duh?

Iron Man Light Up GogglesEvery superhero needs a sweet set of shades.  Iron Man’s light up goggles are both fashionable and functional.

10. Oh, and you can’t forget GIRLS.

Iron Man CosplayWe’re not sure who is luckier: Tony Stark or the ladies.