Prisoner costumes are a must have for any year. Everyone wants to be the bad guy when it comes to the season, and what better way to be the bad guy then dressing like the bad guy? You can be an escaped convict and scare all of your friends. This is probably one of the best choices of costumes out there because it is fun, yet exciting to wear at the same time. If you have the orange jumpsuit then consider yourself a con, just watch out for the police force when you're out on the town dressed in your prisoner costume.

This costume is also great for any age groups or sexes since it can be used for anyone. You can purchase it for kids or adults and it can be as fun as you want it to be. The prisoner costumes are offered in different styles as well, depending on what you're looking for. Orange jumpsuits are fine for anyone to wear. They are made for men but women can wear them too. Prison garb is not made to be stylish but we do offer a sexy prisoner costume for women that is so sexy, its criminal. Other styles include the traditional black and white striped chain gang costumes. You can even get a ball and chain to go with it. Accessories like shackles and handcuffs are sold here in several styles too.

Your friends will all be jealous of prisoner costume and wish they thought of it first. You can bet that next year, one of them will dress in a convict outfit too. Make sure to tell everyone where you got the costume from since quality and price are important factors for everyone. You're going to get the best of both when you choose to purchase a prisoner costume here.