Mascot costumes are for when an ordinary costume just won't do. If you need a special character of exceptional quality that can be worn on a regular basis or something that will represent your team or your event you should settle for nothing less than a professional mascot suit.

Mascots come in all styles. The most common mascot costumes are animals such as an eagle, bear, mustang or a lion because many school teams are named after these animals. During major holidays like Christmas and Easter, you can bet there will be someone marching in the parade or taking pictures with the children in our of these get ups. Christmas styles include an elf and a snowman. For Easter, Easter bunny suits in white, pink or gray will bring happiness to all the kids at the egg hunt.

Everyone knows the mascot is the real star of the show. During sporting events, all eyes veer from the game to the crazy character because they always have a fun way of entertaining a crowd. At holiday events, they are the big attraction because it represents the holiday. The person in the suit is always someone who the crowd looks forward to seeing. Wouldn't you like to be that individual?

When you buy your mascot costume it would be a wise investment to add a Kold Pack Vest to keep you cool even on the warmest days.