The Peanuts comic strip created by Charles Schultz, came out in 1950, and went on to become one of the most beloved cartoon series ever made. Imagine dressing up in one of these Peanuts costumes like Charlie Brown or Lucy for your next costume party. You are sure to gain a lot of attention as you soon as you walk in the door! They are also a great choice for a Halloween costume, with sizes from toddler up to adult.

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Our Peanuts/Charlie Brown costumes are remarkable in their likeness to the iconic cartoon figures. Here are some of the characters available. First, there's Charlie Brown himself, the lovable loser who can't seem to succeed at anything, but still manages to make us love him. Next is Lucy, the manipulative, scheming female whose sharp words and blunt attitude makes us laugh because we all know someone like her. Who could forget Snoopy, the almost-human dog who demands equality and his comrade Woodstock, the chirping bird who lives on the dog house. And finally, there's Linus, the resident philosopher-genius who never abandons his signature blanket. Choose your favorite Peanuts costume or go to your costume party with your friends as the entire Charlie Brown cartoon cast.

These Charlie Brown Peanuts costumes are so cheerful that they are sure to bring a smile to whoever sees them. These officially licensed costumes are the same ones that you get at much more expensive retail stores, ours are priced the lowest; they are wholesale and available for the public.

Whether you are looking for a unique costume idea for yourself, your partner or your child, we have Peanuts Charlie Brown costumes for everyone. What a unique idea for your next costume event!