Halloween Masks are the perfect disguise. With your face completely or even partially covered, your identity is hidden. This adds to the mystery of your Halloween costume and gives is a finished look. Many costumes are not complete without a mask. In fact, some kinds are so important that your disguise is meaningless without it.

There are several kinds of masks: full, over the head character styles, half coverage that conceal the front of your face, and eyemasks, often referred to as domino style. The costume you choose will determine the type of facemask you need. For example, if you want to be a werewolf, a complete head cover is the best choice. It will give you the most realistic look. A half-mask is best when you are wearing it with a wig such as with KISS characters. Domino masks are the face covering of choice for bandit costumes and Mardi Gras masquerade parties. Venetian styles are also best worn at masquerade balls.

The advantage of wearing one is that it is an easy, time saving alternative to wearing makeup. The disguise is done for you with this one simple accessory. In addition, you'll get a look that is true to the character you are wearing. This is especially useful if you are wearing a Halloween costume based on a popular character. Why cover your face in blue makeup when you can wear a full Smurf facemask that not only has the right color but also have the correct facial features.

We have masks for animals, famous faces, horror characters, TV and movie characters and much more. If you think you would benefit from a mask then you will surely find what you are looking for here.