You won't have to embarrass yourself to get some Fat Tuesday swag. Just order our Mardi Gras beads and necklaces and you'll look like the wildest reveler around! We have several different styles to satisfy any reveler, whether you're looking for the classic strings or silly show-stoppers.

Start things off small with our standard beaded necklaces, all of them made from chains of same-sized beads. They come in green, gold, and purple to match the scene. House parties and organizations should have our massive 72 or 144 piece bucket to distribute to their guests. Individuals can get our charmed pieces to add a little extra pop to their look, each of them hung with masks or shot glasses for a parade-worthy accent.

Those more subtle touches don't do it for some people, though. Go big or go home with our large-sized beads, ranging from some that are just over a quarter's width to others that are as big as a fist! Order one with mixed sizes for a trendy touch or make everyone laugh with a neck full of disco-ball shaped beads.

Few things scream "party" the way Mardi Gras beads and necklaces do. Complete the festivities when you order any of ours for the big day! Just make sure to get your favorites today. After all, let them sell out before you snag them and you'll need to give the shirt off your back to get yours later.