Get a taste of what it is like to be a wild child when you pick out your Halloween costume this year. Wearing a teen animal costume is like taking a walk on the wild side.

Looking at our teen animal costumes is like a game of cat and mouse. That is due to the fact that you can be a wild cat or a sassy mouse in several different styles. For teen boys, a werewolf is the animal costume of choice.

An animal costume for teens is a common choice. After all, it was only a few years ago that they were playing with stuffed animal. The desire for the kind of animal cuteness still lingers but now it is in the form of Halloween costumes. Teens have the opportunity to wear cute ear headbands and whiskers. However, instead of oversized plush costumes teens prefer mini dresses and ruffle skirts that have an age appropriate sex appeal. Often, they are paired with leggings and glovelettes for a fun look.

When shopping for your Halloween costume consider a teen animal costume. They are made especially with 12-17 year olds in mind.