Your daughter will be telling varmints to reach for the sky this Halloween as she wears an outfit that falls in line with an era that was traditionally considered a domain for boys only. The Girl's Cowgirl Costumes take many elements from the cowboy genre, but make it its own. Girl's like boots and fringe the same as any boy, but the ones on these girls' costumes are more in line with girl's tastes when it comes to being rough.

Many of the costumes are designed to look as specific to the time period as possible, that includes things like bandanas, fringed vests, and skirts that mimic the look of cow hide. Cowgirls lived on the land and got by the best they could, but that doesn't mean life was boring. No, in fact, driving off robbers and other suspicious characters were their specialty. The costumes we present on this page come in styles that are designed after cowgirls who are already a part of popular culture and several others that need the right personality to give the outfit life. We also offer tons of accessories that your girl can wear in addition to her boots and hat.

The Cowgirl Costumes are a different breed of outfits. They show that girls don't only imagine themselves as princesses. These costumes are both cute and tough and reinforce confidence.