Jake and the Never Land Pirate Costumes are perfect for your young child's next Halloween so he can dress as his favorite character from one of his favorite shows. The Never Land Pirates is an interactive animated television show from Disney. The show is musical and educational in nature and is based in premise and setting on the classic Peter Pan story and film. The cartoon show revolves around a young Jake and his band of friendly pirates who search for treasure in Never Land. Their treasure hunts and adventures are often thwarted or interrupted by Captain Hook and his companions. Tick Tock the Crocodile from the original Peter Pan animated movie also reemerges in this semi-spin-off as an obstruction to Jake and his pirates fun excursions.

Captain Hook often spies on the pirates and closes in on them when they find treasure to steal it for his own. He must then take his band of young pirates on an adventure to get it back, solving problems and puzzles along the way. The show originally featured humdrum childhood adventures, such as getting their basketball and skateboard back from Captain Hook, but then took a more fanciful direction where Jake and his pirates discovered a lost city of gold, ancient pyramids, and more treasure chest hunting. Each aired program consists of two short animated shows and a closing song and dance by the animated gang.

This show is rapidly becoming a favorite among little kids and their parents because of its fun plots, but educational material. We offer a selection of Jake and the Never Land Pirates Costumes so you can dress like your favorite character on Halloween. We even have pirates themed accessories like Jake's sword so you can add on to which ever costume you select.