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If you've got it, flaunt it in a sexy costume! Showing off your assets in a sexy costume will make you feel spectacular so if you love the attention then go for it.

Sexy costumes can be sassy, romantic, whimsical or raunchy. They feature pieces like, form-fitting dresses, corsets, bustier, tutus, garters and some also include stockings or thigh highs. Classic sexy favorites include the French maid costume and the sexy school girl outfit but there are over 50 additional genres from which to choose. Some examples are sexy roaring 20s dresses, Greek goddess gowns, Native American outfits and pirate costumes.

How sexy your costume can be depends on the venue and the audience. Sexy costume ideas for women greatly outnumber those for men so have fun and be adventurous when shopping for a sexy outfit. If you are going to a party where those under 18 may be present, you can choose a sassy outfit with a mini skirt but at private parties for two, the less coverage the better. You get the idea. There are sexy costumes and there are downright slutty Halloween costumes so consider your audience before proceeding to the shopping cart.

Sexy costumes come in sizes ranging from extra small to 4X because you are sexy no matter what your size. You can also be sexy no matter what your budget because all of our sexy costumes are for sale at low wholesale prices with no membership necessary. There's just one price, the low wholesale price.