Simply watch one episode of Boardwalk Empire and you will be hooked by the 1920s. There was just as much glamour as there was crime back then. Everybody wanted a good time and prohibition was not going to stop them. While folks imbibed at the speakeasies, the gangsters made sure to keep the supplies plentiful. There was certainly no shortage of drama and that was evident in the style of the decade. Recreate the magic and the mayhem with plus size roaring 20s costumes.

Men can channel the style of the world's best gangster actors like Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney, both of whom made some of the best gangster movies ever. You can dress in plus size 20's costumes for men that resemble the gangster suits from these old movies. Women can capture the style of real life celebrity flappers like Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish. Plus size 20s costumes for women feature flappers dresses in many colors and Gatsby girl dresses too. Most come with a feather headband, which was a popular accessory.

Plus size 20s Halloween costume also make fun theme-party outfits and work especially well if your party includes a casino night with authentic cocktails, music and dancing. As previously stated, the series Boardwalk Empire and turned the Roaring 20's into a trendy party theme. There is even a casino in Atlantic City that outfits their staff in 20's costumes and carries the theme throughout the hotel.

Be part of the Roaring 20s resurgence and choose a plus size 20s costume for your next Halloween costume party of special occasion.