Plus size clearance costumes give you the very best value for your money. Don't be fooled by the word clearance. Every savvy shopper knows that the clearance section is always the first place you should look because you never know what treasures your find there. This is especially true for Halloween costumes. You can save an average of 80% off the retail price. The advantage of purchasing a plus size clearance costume, aside from the spectacular savings, is that you are getting a top quality costume of which there are only a few left so the probability of someone wearing the same costume is unlikely. You will really stand out and the only one who will know you got a bargain is you.

The clearance section is a great place to shop for plus size costumes for all occasions. Of course, Halloween is one of them but theaters also find deals on wardrobe pieces for plays and there are costumes for all kinds of theme parties too. Frequently, men's and women's plus size clearance costumes have been best sellers for years but unfortunately the supplier has decided to no longer product the item so our loss is your gain. Many of these costumes are being sold below cost to make room in our warehouse for new inventory.

You will find all kinds of plus size clearance costumes. Clearance costumes come from categories like pirates, Renaissance, horror and humorous and many more. Check out the assortment and see for yourself.