You've got your amazing party dress ready, and you feel like a starlet walking down the red carpet, but something is missing from the look. The Boas are a fabulous accessory for so many costumes. The boas page is filled with fun and flirty boas that will add a sophisticated charm to your appearance. Your attendance at the next social event will be a hot topic that everyone is going to want to express some words over.

Black Fashion Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Black Fashion Boa $7.04 In Stock
20s Pink and Black Boa - boas - accessories-makeup 20s Pink and Black Boa $7.04 In Stock
Heavy Wt Chandelle Red w Black Tip Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Heavy Wt Chandelle Red w Black Tip Boa $12.90 In Stock
White Deluxe Boa - boas - accessories-makeup White Deluxe Boa $18.26 In Stock
Seaweed Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Seaweed Boa $9.08 Out of Stock
72 Inch Mardi Gras Boas - boas - accessories-makeup 72 Inch Mardi Gras Boas $7.04 Out of Stock
Red Fashion Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Red Fashion Boa $7.04 In Stock
Red Deluxe Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Red Deluxe Boa $16.22 In Stock
Big Daddy Money Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Big Daddy Money Boa $16.22 In Stock
Purple Fashion Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Purple Fashion Boa $7.04 In Stock
White Fashion Boa - boas - accessories-makeup White Fashion Boa $5.90 In Stock
Girl's Hot Pink Feather Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Girl's Hot Pink Feather Boa $7.90 In Stock
Ice Turquoise Opal Girls Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Ice Turquoise Opal Girls Boa $1.99 Out of Stock
Sexy Deluxe 60's Fur Stole - boas - accessories-makeup Sexy Deluxe 60's Fur Stole $28.46 Out of Stock
Hot Pink Fashion Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Hot Pink Fashion Boa $7.04 Out of Stock
Black Deluxe Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Black Deluxe Boa $12.90 In Stock
Purple Deluxe Boa - boas - accessories-makeup Purple Deluxe Boa $10.10 Out of Stock

These faux fur or faux feather accessories get draped over your shoulder and are worn in luxury. Here you'll find several different colors and styles to fit your needs. If you're looking to dress up as a Hollywood starlet of the classic period, find a boa that has a sophisticated appeal. If something a little silly is more your interest, then consider one of our wackier colors and designs. These boas can be anything you want them to be. They are a simple addition to any outfit, and they make you stand out among all the other ladies present at the get together. The boas are also sold at a bargain price, so you don't have to go around comparing prices and wondering whether it is an accessory you really need to add to your outfit.

These items have gone out of style, but they certainly haven't lost their appeal. The Boas Accessories page will be a great one to return to for various costume ideas.